Achievement gap and WASL reports out

The HB2722 Advisory Committee (also known as the African American Achievement Gap Committee) issued it’s final report Monday. In the report, the Committee sets four goals for closing the achievement gap for African American students.

The goals are:

  1. By 2014, all school districts ensure that teachers, staff and administrators in schools with 20 percent or more African American students are qualified, trained and effectively meeting the academic, cultural and social needs of these students.
  2. By 2014, provide all African American children, birth to five, with high quality and academically focused early education to prepare them for success in school.
  3. Increase the on-time and extended graduation rates for African American students to reach parity with the highest-performing demographic group by 2014, and to achieve a 100 percent graduation rate by 2018. All graduates should be work- and college-ready without the need for remediation.
  4. By 2018, increase the number of African American students entering and completing post-secondary education and/or job training to be at or above parity with the highest-performing demographic group, and to achieve 100 percent participation by 2024.

The WASL Workgroup also released it’s final report and recommendations on the state assessment system. The workgroup makes some long- and short-term recommendations for Washington’s assessment system, namely making the system more informative and responsive.

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