Kindergarten class tweets their day

Here’s one enterprising teacher who has fully embraced social media. Ms. Aaron’s kindergarten class in New York City tweets three times a week, letting their followers know what they have learned or what’s happening in the classroom.

Past tweets include:

  • We added more days in school stickers. We don’t have any lame CT reflections. We had snack outside and played in a new spot. Ask us about time.
  • Today is the birthday celebration! We had music & PE awtsid (outside) at the sam(e) tiym (time).
  • It is Adi’s brrthday (birthday) today! We met ower (our) 5th grad(e) bodes (buddies) at snack recess. We hd (had) PE insid(e)

As six year old Adi explains, the class tweets to let parents know what they are doing. The tweets also allow the students to reflect on the day and work  together on creating one message.

Watch the full video below.

This story originally appeared in the New York Times.

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