Toward a more meaningful evaluation system

This spring’s edition Curriculum in Context focuses on the teacher evaluation reforms that have taken place in Washington recently. Our own Chris Korsmo and Heather Cope wrote an article for the journal that talks about the process our state has taken so far and will take in scaling this new evaluation system.

The article begins by showing the need for the new system. It opens: “Two of the most influential in school factors on student success are the effectiveness of teachers and principals. But how do we measure effectiveness? In the current system, educators receive an ‘unsatisfactory’ or a ‘satisfactory,’ telling them they are either not suited for the profession, or some degree of acceptable — with no clear indication of whether they are at the top of the field, need to improve certain skills, or fall somewhere in between.”

It then examines the legislative steps taken to make this system something useful and meaningful, including the launch of the teacher and principal evaluation pilot and the passage of several bills that put forth a plan for statewide roll-out of the new system.

For those unafraid in the face of bill numbers, this article is a great summary of the steps we’ve taken so far in Washington in making our new teacher evaluation system a statewide program, and it gives an overview of what to expect next as we move forward.

Read the whole issue here (PDF). LEV’s article is titled “Toward a More Meaningful Evaluation System: Scaling Implementation Statewide” and is on page 18.

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