“Education Means Independence” – Perspectives from an A+ Washington supporter

Ngam Nguyen is a Washingtonian and an A+ Washington supporter. She talks about how education gives you the ability to enter the skilled workforce and avoid relying on others. She says, “[Education] means you can take care of yourself and that’s powerful.” She also discusses the importance of parents and schools talking with their children/students about college.

Watch more videos from other A+ Washington supporters. You can also learn more about how to have your voice heard on the education issues that are important to you on the A+ Washington website.

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  1. Melissa Westbrook May 5, 2012

    This is all good and well but who is A+?

    Who is Excellent Schools now?

    Who the public face for these organizations/initiatives? Either they are a real live group or not. (The Our Schools Coalition has this same problem but we know that the Alliance runs that one. And yes, I do have the e-mails to prove that claim.)

    There is no one to call or write to, just a form and, seemingly, a “we’ll get back to you.”

    You can have supporters all you want but there is just a list of groups (not people) for Excellent Schools Now.

    When it’s that vague and hands off, you have to wonder what the real purpose of this organization is.


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