PTA passes several resolutions at convention

The Washington state PTA held a convention this past weekend to discuss and vote on important education issues in Washington state. Below is a list of some resolutions that were passed:

“Resolved, Washington State PTA believes great educational outcomes are possible for all students, including students of color, students of diverse cultural or linguistic backgrounds, lower income status and students with special needs.

Resolved, Washington State PTA will promote expansion of choice by supporting innovative schools — including non-profit charter schools — where they are supported by the local community and when they reflect the positions and principles of National and Washington State PTA, and when they adhere to and comply with applicable laws and guidelines set forth for other public elementary and secondary educational institutions.

Resolved, Washington State PTA will support innovative, engaging and rigorous instructional programs and work to spread awareness of the options available to communities.

Resolved, Washington State PTA will promote equitable educational opportunities that provide research-based instructional support to students enrolled in the state’s persistently lowest achieving schools and to students affected by the state’s achievement gaps. These will include, but not be limited to, supporting:
• A tiered system of student-focused, academic supports, and identification of research-based interventions for targeted groups of students, and targeted professional development for academic intervention staff.
• The identification and sustained implementation of research-based core reading and math programs that are sequenced K-12.
• Consistently effective home-school communications and family engagement that assists in the instructional development of children

Resolved, Washington State PTA will work to implement a funding formula that ensures children with higher needs receive ongoing, adequate support to meet standards.”

To read all of the resolutions and for more information, check out the Washington state PTA’s website.

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  1. Melissa Westbrook May 8, 2012

    About their “Expansion of Choice” resolution,

    “where they are supported by the local community and when they reflect the positions and principles of National and Washington State PTA”

    The problem is that the charter legislation introduced this last Legislative session did NOT reflect the positions and principles of the National or Washington PTA. It didn’t. I asked them about their support for the bill and they said it was mixed. But did the Washington state PTA come our and clearly state they could not support this bill. They did not.

    As well, “supported by the local community”, well, it’s funny that the charter school effort seems to be coming from Issaquah which it is highly unlikely any charter schools would have sprung up.

    A couple of things to ponder as we wonder about the push for charter schools in our state.

    More and more PTA leadership is not representing the units they claim to. It’s a sad thing.

  2. Kathy May 8, 2012

    It is also worth noting the Wa. State PTSA is not really representing “one voice”. Many schools within Seattle signed anti-charter resolutions.

  3. Rob May 9, 2012

    Its also important to note that those who attended, those who showed up to vote were educated and informed voters- They had the information to review before convention, they took their time to research and understand. The results? A strong majority in support. Just because things don’t go how you think they should or how you see them doesn’t discount the legitimacy of it. Thank you Washington State PTA for keeping an open mind and considering all the available options in the pursuit of doing what is best for children!

  4. Beth Sigall May 10, 2012

    Rob is correct. At the convention, delegates were given an opportunity (via motion) to strike language from the proposed platform supporting charter schools — literally a straight up or down vote. The motion to strike charter school support from the platform was defeated by an almost 2 to 1 vote (170 to 92). Delegates went on to support charter schools as part of a broader “Equitable Educational Opportunities” resolution that is now part of the permanent platform of WA state PTA.
    By endorsing charter schools as one option of many that our state should consider, WA state PTSA had aligned itself with 41 other states, the Obama Administration, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers — all of which support charter schools in some form On Monday, President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation in Support of Charter schools, and his administration has committed $215 million in funding for charter schools for FY 2012/2013.


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