The Daily Ed: May 16, 2012

Seattle schools send layoff notices to 45 employees (via Seattle Times)
Twenty-eight Seattle public school teachers and 17 other school district employees received layoff notifications last week as part of an attempt to cut $20 million out of next school year’s budget.

Could rising costs put community college out of reach? (via KPLU)
For full-time students in the state’s two-year colleges, tuition will increase 13 percent this fall. Many students are struggling to find ways to afford the new cost.

Editorial: State help for higher ed dwindling, needs stabilizing (via The Olympian)
“While the current tuition increases were expected and planned, the legislature must find a way to bring these double-digit tuition hikes to an end.”

Column: Poor marks for some school cuts (via Seattle Times)
Danny Westneat writes about parents pulling their kids from standardized testing in Snohomish County and around Washington in the face of education budget cuts.

Inslee makes run official, takes education theme (via The Olympian)
Democratic candidate for governor Jay Inslee filed paperwork yesterday to make his run official.

Louisiana House approves public-school discipline bill (via LaFourche Daily Comet)
Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill that assigns suspended or expelled public school students to community-based programs that address their behavioral and educational needs. It also changes the current law that excludes students charged with drug or weapon related crimes from community programs and alternative schools.

Health of U.S. tied to education gap, researchers report (via Businessweek)
Access to quality education is linked to better health outcomes in a new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Wonderful Wednesday extra:
Book dominoes run through a Bookman’s book store
The new cool way to encourage reading.

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