The Daily Ed: May 18, 2012

Seattle School Board approves new superintendent (via KOMO News)
On Wednesday, the Seattle School Board unanimously voted to approve José Banda as the new Seattle schools superintendent.

Selah schools taps 11-year employee as new superintendent (via Yakima Herald)
Only a week after the current superintendent announced his retirement, the Selah School District has chosen Shane Backlund, the district’s director of teaching and learning, as the new superintendent.

Press Release: Stand for Children Washington endorsing Rob McKenna for Governor (via Stand for Children Washington)
“Stand for Children’s members picked McKenna in a “blind taste test” which allowed members read both candidates’ endorsement questionnaires and choose between “Candidate A” or “Candidate B.” Fifty percent of respondents picked “Candidate A” – McKenna –while only 38% picked Inslee (12% skipped the question).”

Gregoire pitches for schools (via The Spokesman-Review)
“I am traveling the state to send the message to legislators and taxpayers that we must have a new source of revenue because we cannot have money in the good times and no money in the bad times,” Gregoire said. “We have to have money all the time to meet our obligation to ensure the education of our children.”

U.S. reaches historic demographic tipping point
The United States has reached a historic tipping point, with children born to Latino, Asian, African American and mixed-race parents now constituting a majority of all births, the Census Bureau reported Thursday.

Opinion: Brace for online revolution in higher education (via Seattle Times)
Now that students are hyperconnected, online learning is the next logical step for higher education, argues Thomas L. Friedman.

Science Friday
Solar eclipse this weekend
Don’t look straight into the sun!

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