The Daily Ed: May 24, 2012

Charter Schools Come Roaring Back as an Issue in This Year’s Campaign – Initiative Filed at Last Possible Second (Washington state Wire)
Summary of the efforts to bring charter schools to Washington state.

Port Angeles School Board to ban classroom pets (Tacoma News Tribune)
Due to safety concerns, Port Angeles schools will no longer allow classroom pets such as dogs, snakes, chickens, and rabbits.

Wednesday Scan: Charter school initiative rises from the dead (Crosscut)
What do charter schools have in common with George Romero?

Study says teacher pay is adequate, but is it fair? (Tacoma News Tribune)
The TNT digs in to Washington state teacher salary.

Coalition pushing for charter schools initiative on November ballot (King 5)
King 5 does a quick rundown of the history of charter schools in Washington state, including interviews with proponents and opponents.

Romney slams Obama, teachers unions (Seattle Times)
Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican candidate for president, declares that President Obama is weak on education, lays out his own plan.

Wednesday Bonus: The Tutu Project
“The mission of The Tutu Project is to raise funds to cover the cost of self-publishing Ballerina. It’s also the story of doing good while doing well; Ballerina is a book all about a man, his pink tutu and raising funds for women with breast cancer.”

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  1. Charlie Mas May 25, 2012

    Mr. Romney is dreadfully mistaken if he thinks that teachers are the problem. It reflects a fundamental misunderstanding based on a knee-jerk belief that the management is always right and the workers are always wrong. In fact, if the results are systemically poor, then the fault lies in the system, not the people struggling to function and succeed within it.

    The real obstruction to progress and innovation in our schools are in the state- and district-level bureaucracies, not among the teachers.


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