Rocketship Education: Eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetimes

Rocketship Education currently operates three K-5 charter schools in San Jose that serve overwhelmingly low-income, immigrant students. Through a rigorous college-preparatory focus, Rocketship seeks to transform public education by developing an instructional model that supplements traditional face-to-face instruction with instruction provided via computer-based programs and tutoring.

As part of Rocketship’s school education model, students attend one block of Math/Science, one block of Learning Lab, and two blocks of Literacy/Social Studies during an extended school day (8am to 4pm). In Learning Lab, students focus on their individual learning needs by working on computers and with tutors, if remediation is necessary. The lab is staffed by paraprofessionals, which enables the organization to re-allocate nearly $500,000 a year toward teacher compensation, teacher and principal training and development, and enrichment programs for students. Rocketship students, almost all of whom qualify for free and reduced-price lunch, are among the highest performers among their peers in the state of California. The network wants to expand the Rocketship model to 50 U.S. cities and eliminate the achievement gap by 2020.

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  1. Lutfur May 31, 2012

    Rocketship Education Is the great way for the low-income, immigrant students.So, I hope authority takes more immediate steps of this student and people.


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