The Daily Ed: June 13, 2012

Opinion: Legislature can’t just bail out state’s universities (Crosscut)
Ted Van Dyk says that while the legislature should do more to help the state’s universities, the schools themselves must also make changes.

McKenna, Inslee debate health insurance, education (KIMA TV)
Gubernatorial candidates faced off in Spokane yesterday in their first debate. Both said the state needs to spend more on higher education, teachers need to be fully prepared and highly qualified, and neither would raise taxes to increase money spent on education.

Puyallup schools leader retires after decades of service (Tacoma News Tribune)
TNT takes a look at the tenure of Puyallup’s out-going superintendent.

Video: Educating our way to a better future (Gates Foundation)
The Gates Foundation shares some facts about today’s education requirements for employment in this cute animated video.

In LA, parents, educators oppose cuts to early learning programs (Los Angeles Times)
In southern California, parents, educators and advocates gathered to protest $1.2 billion in cuts from subsidized child care and early childhood education programs since 2008, resulting in the loss of slots for some 100,000 children.

Michigan may urge schools to re-think zero-tolerance rules for students (Detroit Free Press)
On the heels of a report that special-education students in Michigan lost 251,410 hours of instruction during the 2010-11 school year because they were suspended or expelled, the state’s Board of Education will call on schools to change their discipline policies so that expulsion and suspension are mandated only for offenses involving weapons.

Should bullies be treated as criminals? (USA Today)
With the wave of young suicides continuing as a result of bullying, some argue that student bullies should be tried in court.

Wednesday Bonus
Teenager has an amazingly sweet talk with his dad while looped out after surgery
Chaddy is a really sweet kid who just had his wisdom teeth pulled. Now he’s not sure what he’s doing, just crying and watching soccer.

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