Putting grad rates on the map-Washington at the bottom

Education Week has released a new application to help you explore graduation rates across the United States. Using data from the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center, Ed Week compiled demographic, school, and graduation information for every district and state in the nation.

The project shows that Washington’s graduation rates have stayed essentially static since 1999, hovering at around 68 percent, while the national average has increased from well below Washington’s average to just above it. The national average for graduation rates is 70.3 percent, leaving Washington below average when it comes to graduation. In fact, according to this formula, Washington is 42nd in the nation when it comes to graduating students from high school in four years.

The app also allows you to see data from your specific district and compare your district’s performance with its statistically predicted performance.

Try the map for yourself. For more information on how the data was collected and calculated, visit this page.

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