The Daily Ed: June 14, 2012

School-Integration memories hit home (Seattle Times)
Jerry Large digs in to the movement to desegregate Seattle’s schools in the 1960s.

What competes with that kindergarten diploma? (Tacoma News Tribune)
“Given America’s celebration inflation, where should we stack college graduation with other graduations? It’s higher in the hierarchy than high school, for sure. But is it a bigger deal than kindergarten?”

R-74 goes to ballot; charter schools going to court (The Olympian)
Public charter school initiative language challenged in court.

Inslee releases plan for higher education (Everett Herald)
Have you been wondering about Jay Inslee’s higher education plan? Well, here ya go.

Chicago pushes longer school days as key to achievement: ‘We had to do something’ (MSNBC)
Longer school days in Chicago not without controversy.

Teachers group unveils its proposal for new evaluations (Los Angeles Times)
Educators in the Los Angeles school district release their own plan for teacher evaluation.

Study on Michigan early childhood efforts provides startling results (Michigan Live)
A study that followed over five hundred Michigan students for fourteen years found that the students “who attended a public pre-K school program had greater success throughout their K-12 career, including graduating at a higher rate.”

Feel Good Thursday Bonus: Paralyzed Teen Fulfills Vow to Walk at High School Graduation (Yahoo)
Paralyzed since he was a toddler, graduating senior Patrick Ivison made good on his promise to walk across the stage to get his diploma.

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