The Daily Ed: July 2, 2012

The Times recommends: state Sen, McCravey and state Rep. Stanford in the 1st Legislative District (Seattle Times)
The Seattle Times’ editorial board shares our endorsement of Dawn McCravey for state Senate in the 1st Legislative District. See the rest of our endorsements here.

Project could put all students of Washington-Hoyt at one campus (Tacoma News Tribune)
A remodeled campus could unite all 400 Washington-Hoyt Elementary School students under the same roof.

The Times recommends: Rob McKenna for governor (Seattle Times)
In endorsing McKenna for governor, the Times editorial board writes, “The way out is education, and McKenna and Inslee both say they want to invest in it. They are right; Washington needs a world-class education system, including prekindergarten and higher education, so that the next generation can have the best possible chances in life. The question for voters is who can deliver.”

Local immigrants dare to dream (The Columbian)
How is the new immigration policy affecting students here?

North Kitsap School District gets $500,000 to help expand Spanish program (Kitsap Sun)
Spanish dual language program that began in kindergarten will now be expanded into secondary schools.

Test That Can Determine the Course of Life in China Gets a Closer Examination (New York Times)
The New York Times digs deeper into the gaokao, China’s college entrance exam.

Special Education Overhaul Brings New Concerns About Students’ Programs (New York Times)
Parents and schools in New York struggle when it comes to a student’s I.E.P (Individualized Education Program).

Early full-term babies may face later school woes (Boston Globe)
A new study finds that a little more time spent in the womb faced lower risk of experiencing math and reading problems when they’re older.

Do Schools Keep Students at English Learner Status Too Long? (Education News)
In California, there are concerns that students are being kept at ELL status longer than they need for fear of a funding gap.

L.A. district weighing graduation of students who failed class (L.A. Times)
“Los Angeles school officials are examining whether three students who flunked a required course should have been allowed to make up the class in a few days at another campus and then return to graduate with their classmates. Several teachers criticized the quick turnaround as inappropriate, saying it made a mockery of academic standards.”

Monday Bonus: Hot Weather in Richmond this Weekend
If Godzilla can deflect a global superstorm, can it also give Seattle a sunshine filled 70 degree day?

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