Gov. Gregoire announces appointees to task force on education funding

Outgoing Governor Gregoire has appointed three members to the newly created Joint Task Force on Education Funding. The appointees she has chosen are: Mary Lindquist, president of the Washington Education Association and former teacher, Susan Enfield, Highline School District superintendent and former interim superintendent of Seattle Public Schools, and Jeff Vincent, Washington State Board of Education member and chief executive officer and president of Laird Norton Company, LLC. They will need to provide suggestions to ensure Washington’s K-12 system is fully funded

Eight legislators will serve on the task force along with the three appointees and will be responsible for:

• Developing a proposal for a reliable and dependable funding mechanism to support basic education programs;
• Making recommendations on how the Legislature can meet the requirements of HB 2261 (2009) and HB 2776 (2010) under which the Legislature committed to state basic education funding enhancements;
• Identifying state budget reductions or eliminations to fund K-12 enhancements if the task force recommendation contains no new revenue; and
• Considering specific transitional bilingual program recommendations.

The Task Force was created as a part of House Bill 2824 in the last legislative session. The Task Force must submit their final recommendation by Dec. 31, 2012.

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  1. Charlie Mas July 9, 2012

    Oh boy! A Task Force! Now we’ll see some results!

    Did the governor describe how this Task Force will be any different from the previous three Task Forces she formed to address the exact same question?


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