Teacher group releases recommendations for teacher evaluations

A new report from teachers in Los Angeles’ school district titled Breaking the Stalemate (PDF) tackles teacher evaluations head-on. These teachers provide their suggestions for how to evaluate their colleagues and themselves, and they talk about the goals of these recommendations.

Their overall recommendations are to have evaluations based:

  • 50 percent on instruction planning, reflection and goals – provide clear, detailed rubrics with research-based standards administrators and peers can use evaluate how teachers plan and implement their lessons, and include portfolios;
  • 40 percent on student growth measures – half of these measures should be from state standardized test, the other half should be from locally chosen evaluations;
  • 10 percent on ways the teachers strengthen their communities – using student surveys, peer evaluations and self-reflection, teachers should be able to showcase their value to the community.

The authors emphasize the importance for appropriate training for all teachers and observers. They also highlight using local measures to evaluate teachers and student progress, arguing that the flexibility will allow them to tailor their students’ needs and prioritize their community’s values. In addition, they propose introducing a parent school satisfaction survey to regularly collect feedback from parents on how they feel about the performance of their students schools.

Read all of their recommendations in the report here (PDF).

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