The Daily Ed: July 18, 2012

Obama proposes $1B for science, math teachers (Seattle Times)
The Obama administration revealed plans to create a new recruitment and incentive program to bring in more highly-qualified math and science teachers.

Romney’s higher ed overhaul in Mass. fizzled (Seattle Times)
The Times takes an in-depth look at the plans former Gov. Mitt Romney had for an education overhaul in Massachusetts when he took office there.

Two Tacoma districts will meet parents as kindergarten begins (Tacoma News Tribune)
As part of WaKIDS, at least two school districts in the Tacoma area will offer parent-teacher conferences at the beginning of the year so that teachers, parents and students get to know one another and can prepare for a successful school year together.

Bremerton schools hope to build a new kitchen expand a school with ballot measure (Kitsap Sun)
Bremerton is asking its residents to pay about an extra $107 a year as part of a levy to renovate and update some of its school facilities. The levy will be on the ballot in August.

Higher fees add to college cost for state’s students (KING5)
KING5 details the costs of attendance–fees beyond tuition–that students can expect to pay if they choose to go to one of Washington’s four-year colleges or universities.

In NYC charter schools celebrate test score gains (New York Times)
“For the third year, [New York City’s] charter schools outperformed traditional public schools in math and English, and the spread in results between the two groups has increased.”

STEM gender gap pronounced in U.S. (Education Week)
Though internationally girls and boys tend to score about the same on tests in STEM subjects, girls in the U.S. are scoring lower than boys. This article explores possible reasons, including stereotype threat, for this phenomenon.

New teacher placement, retention can exacerbate achievement gaps (Education Week)
A study has found that new teachers are routinely placed with classes of students who already test behind their peers.

Wednesday Bonus: Countdown (Snuggie Version)
This kid takes Beyonce’s music video for “Countdown” to the next level. In a Snuggie.

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