Michigan ACLU files 'right to read' lawsuit

In a “first of its kind” move, the ACLU of Michigan has filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan, Michigan’s Department of Education, and the Detroit area Highland Park school district. The suit is being filed on behalf of eight students who have repeatedly performed at below proficiency on state reading test without any intervention or special assistance from the district to help get them up to speed. The ACLU says that these students represent hundreds of students in the Highland Park School District.

In a news release, Mark Rosenbaum, a member of the ACLU Michigan team working on this case stated, “No case ever filed anywhere in the U.S. has addressed a school system in such dire straits. The Highland Park School District is among the lowest achieving school districts in the nation, let alone Michigan.” In an interview with CNN, ACLU-Michigan Executive Director Kary L. Moss noted the importance of ensuring all students are able to read, “Literacy is the gateway to all other knowledge.”

Read the CNN story here.

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