The Daily Ed: July 19, 2012

Washington Supreme Court decides what its ongoing monitoring of state schools funding will look like (Tacoma News Tribune)
Washington state is now required by the Washington Supreme Court to regularly report the progress made toward fully funding education as made clear in the McCleary decision.

Our endorsements in 30th Legislative District races
The Tacoma News Tribune endorses Tony Moore for House position 1 in the 30th legislative district. Tony Moore has also been endorsed by LEV.

No excuse for absences in Pullman (Spokesman Review)
Starting next fall, students attending Pullman High School who have nine excused or unexcused absences will receive a pass or fail grade.

Students, Parents, Teachers To Protest School District’s Strict Discipline Code (Philebrity)
Students and parents in Philadelphia are organizing to urge school district officials to follow the lead of other cities like Denver and Chicago and create a discipline policy that along with other things, “uses restorative practices and/ or other preventative discipline measures that focus on addressing root causes of issues rather than merely doling out punishment.”

Public Strong on Local Control of Schools, Study Finds (Education Week)
A study done by Michigan State University looked at public polling data over the course of 40 years and found that the public strongly favors local control when it comes to school governance.

Thursday Bonus: Scary Smash featuring Dave Foley, Joss Whedon & Kate Micucci – Written By A Kid, Episode 1
Film Synopsis: A monster smashes a milk truck sending a stream of milk to the ocean and Gerald and his S.Q.U.A.T. team into an epic 7 day battle against the one-eyed beast.

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