The Daily Ed: July 20, 2012

The tools of learning are a powerful gift (Seattle Times)
Project Cool for Back to School is collecting donations to help homeless kids have the supplies they need to succeed in school.

Gentle liberal arts push-back blooming in Washington (Tacoma News Tribune)
A group of academics gathered this week to discuss how to promote liberal arts in the face of growing emphasis of STEM in education.

Group won’t wait any longer for a 4-year university (Kitsap Sun)
A group of concerned parents and community members is banding together in Kitsap County to raise money for a four-year college to the area.

Local schools not certain how ‘No Child Left Behind’ exemption will impact learning environment for students (Daily Sun News)
Local school districts are still navigating how Washington’s waiver from some of the requirements of No Child Left Behind will impact their students in the coming year.

NCES report looks at young adults over three decades (Education News)
A report from the National Center of Education Statistics shows that more students choose to attend college after high school instead of entering the workforce, and that gaps between men and women attending college have closed over the past 30 years.

Education Department urges states to make data systems more open (Education Week)
Education Department officials say that having access to the plethora of available data is useful not just for education researchers, but for students, parents and teachers who want to track individual progress.

Districts bring tech. programmers in-house (Education Week)
School districts, like Boston, are turning to tech developers to build online systems that make it easier for parents and teachers to interact with schools.

Friday Bonus: Bling your grill of the day
Supporting good dental hygiene!

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