Learning through blogging – one teacher's writing experiment

On a quest to have his students improve their writing skills, a British educator is having his students blog. In an editorial for The Guardian Michael Drennan writes that his students focus on two styles of writing. The first style Drennan describes as “…dense but dry, full of declarative sentences and most useful when writing an exam essay or finishing up a term paper” and the other as “… more fluid, emotional, and expressive, to be used for communicating ideas to others.” In the classroom, Drennan’s students focus on the first style by taking quizzes etc. From home, the students blog on a myriad of topics ranging from politics to the weather.

Drennan says that blogging opens many possibilities for student to student, parent to student, and parent to teacher interaction. Students comment on their peers blogs and parents are able to look at their child’s online writing and compare it to other students in the class.

When it comes to the possibility of online harassment, Drennan states, “Inappropriate posts are a behavioral problem and should be handled in a way a teacher handles a misbehaving student: which is not to punish all for the sins of the few or even the one.”

Read more about this teacher’s blogging experiment here.

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