The Daily Ed: July 26, 2012

Charter school initiative certified for November
(The Columbian)
The signatures for Initiative 1240 were officially certified meaning the initiative will appear on the ballot in November.

Wapato program teaches migrant students math, reading and culture (Yakima Herald)
“Mexico in Wapato” is a month long bilingual program helps students learn and understand more about their Mexican

Ferndale School District will draw on reserves to close deficit totaling up to $1.9 million (Bellingham Herald)
Ferndale Schools will be using rainy day funds to cover the deficit.

How To Build a Better Teacher (Slate)
Ray Fisman over at Slate seeks to answer the question, “Is firing bad instructors the only way to improve schools?”

Maine governor outlines school improvement plan (Boston Globe)
Gov. Paul LePage is releasing his education plan, dubbed ABC: “A for improving accountability; B for best practices Maine can borrow from other states; and C, expanding school choice.”

Md. schools ban zero-tolerance discipline policies (Washington Examiner)
The Maryland State Board of Education will adopt more “rehabilitative” discipline policies and leave suspensions and expulsions as last resort punishments.

Education Secretary warns Congress automatic cuts would be severely harmed education (Washington Post)
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan believes the current congressional deficit reduction plan would “jeopardize our nation’s ability to develop and support an educated, skilled workforce that can compete in the global economy.”

Illinois: Deal to Extend School Day in Chicago (New York Times)
An agreement between Chicago Public Schools and the teacher’s union has finally been reached over longer school days. However, a contract has bot been signed so a strike is still in the realm of possibilities.

Sunny Thursday Bonus: Bob Ross Remixed | Happy Little Clouds | PBS Digital Studios
I believe.

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