The Daily Ed: July 30, 2012

Charter schools: Not a cure-all, but a sign of health (Tacoma News Tribune)
The editorial board of the Tacoma News Tribune takes a nuanced approach to its endorsement of bringing charter schools to Washington state.

Meridian School District rolls back $100,000 in levy collection (Bellingham Herald)
Taxpayers in the Meridian School District will be required to pay less levy money in 2013 because the state Legislature did not cut levy equalization as feared.

Orchestra teacher learns first-hand that warring factions can work side-by-side with each other (Daily Sun News)
An orchestra teacher from the Sunnyside School District visited Northern Iraq to teach and discover how students learn despite significant conflict.

To earn classroom certification, more teaching and less testing (New York Times)
New standards in states across the country, including Washington, go beyond just looking at tests and essays to license new teachers.

21st century learning, at all levels (Education Week)
Tom Vander Ark responds defends integrating innovation and technology in diverse classrooms.

Monday Bonus: Happiest Olympic Worker 2012
During the Olympics, sometimes even the fans need cheerleaders!

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