19 WA State Legislators honored with early learning awards

Over the next two months, 19 state legislators across Washington will receive Crayon Awards from the Early Learning Action Alliance in recognition of their outstanding work in helping more children access early learning opportunities. The work these legislators did over the past two years has made a real difference in the lives of young children.

These legislators were awarded for their efforts from protecting state investments in programs, to advocating for policy changes that increase the continuity of care for children. According to ELAA, “all 19 legislators share a common understanding of the role of the first five years of a child’s life, influencing their experiences in school, at work, with their families and in their communities.”

The coalition gave a Lifetime Achievement Award to retiring Senator Lisa Brown, of Spokane, for her long commitment to early learning. As the Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Brown consistently and strongly prioritized early learning as a foundation for building strong communities across the state. The coalition commended her for being a staunch protector of child care assistance for working families.

The awardees are:
Lifetime Achievement Award: Senator Lisa Brown
Gold Crayon Recipients: Senator David Frockt; Representative Roger Goodman; Representative Kathy Haigh; Senator Nick Harper; Representative Ruth Kagi; Senator Derek Kilmer; Representative Tina Orwall; Representative Pat Sullivan
Silver Crayon Recipients: Representative Frank Chopp; Representative Bruce Dammeier; Senator Jim Hargrove; Representative Ross Hunter; Senator Steve Litzow; Senator Ed Murray; Senator Debbie Regala; Representative Maureen Walsh
Bronze Crayon Recipients: Senator Mike Carrell; Representative Cathy Dahlquist

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