The Daily Ed: August 1, 2012

McKenna’s education plan calls for capping noneducation spending (Seattle Times)
Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna offered up new details Tuesday of how he’d try to substantially boost state education spending without raising taxes.

Column: Education fails when schools profit (Spokesman Review)
In a review of for-profit K-12 schools, columnist Shawn Vestal finds that the schools are fraught with complications driven by the need to continually increase profits, often at the expense of students’ progress.

Richland School Board axes building new school in West Richland (Tri-City Herald)
Richland School Board members and the community grapple with how to make their upcoming school building bond more palatable to voters this November.

Keeping up with the Olympics (Kitsap Sun)
Students in Bremerton participate in Olympics-themed games and activities to keep up their math and reading skills over the summer.

Study finds timing of student rewards key to effectiveness (Education Week)
A new study has found that rewarding students before they take a test or produce a desired behavior has more of an effect on performance than rewarding them afterwards. It also notes that delaying the reward until much later was the same as having no incentive at all for student performance.

STEAM ahead: Merging arts and science education (PBS)
Advocates make the case for adding arts education as an essential component of STEM.

Wednesday Bonus: Elephants on parade
For full effect, watch the whole thing.

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