Education Leaders Lead the Charge in Primary Election

The early results of Tuesday’s primary election are in and show major gains for many of LEV’s endorsed education leaders.

In total, 29 of LEV PAC’s 31 endorsed legislative candidates will move forward to the general election. Of that total, 25 of 31 endorsed candidates showed decisive wins.

As the final ballots are tallied a few of these races may shift, but for the most part we know which candidates will be competing in the general election in November. The road to Olympia is a long one, and we applaud the hard work and long hours these education leaders are putting in to do right by Washington’s kids.  Below you’ll find the results for each of our endorsed candidates as of August 9th at 4pm.

State Senate:
Congratulations to the following leaders:


Bruce Lachney2nd LD40.75%
Andy Billig3rd LD57.86%
Mark Mullet5th LD52.75%
Bruce Dammeier25th LD62.98%
Kevin Ranker40th LD61.7%
Steve Litzow41st LD57.04%
David Frockt46th LD100%

In second, and will continue to the general:

Dawn McCravey1st LD41.16%
Tim Probst17th LD48.32%

State House:
Congratulations to the following leaders:

Chad Magendanz5th LD52.92%
Maureen Walsh16th LD62.3%
Monica Stonier17th LD45.85%
Dawn Morrell25th LD46.92%
Larry Seaquist26th LD53.62%
Laurie Jinkins27th LD74.23%
Cathy Dahlquist31st LD63.7%
Ruth Kagi32nd LD70.24%
Tina Orwall33rd LD71.3%
Reuven Carlyle36th LD87.5%
Eric Pettigrew37th LD86.1%
Kris Lytton40th LD100%
Marcie Maxwell41st LD57.7%
Frank Chopp43rd LD90.2%
Jamie Pedersen43rd LD91.5%
Roger Goodman45th LD49.2%
Pat Sullivan47th LD59.7%
Cyrus Habib48th LD55.9%
Ross Hunter48th LD68.8%

In second, and will continue to the general:

Sylvester Cann46th LD39.78%

Too close to call:

Stephanie Bowman11th LD22.8%

Only one of our endorsed candidates did not make it through the primary.  LEV looks forward to continuing our work with Tony Moore, an innovative leader for kids and education, on our path towards educational success for all students. We again would like thank the above candidates for their commitment and dedication to Washington’s students and will continue to support them though the general election in November.

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  1. nancy August 10, 2012

    Regarding your email from Friday, August 10th at 3:25 titled: “The Election results are in…”

    Your opening sentence of: As we POUR over the results of Tuesday’s primary

    is incorrect. It should be PORE — TO READ OR STUDY WITH STEADY ATTENTION.

  2. Jim Scott August 11, 2012

    Can you be more specific? I have yet to hear a candidate say that he or she doesn’t “support education”.

    So, when you say you want “educational success for all students”, what exactly does that mean? (After all, who doesn’t want “educational success for all students”?

    What specific measures do you support and what specific measures do you oppose? And what is your reasoning in each case? Do you have any proof that a specific policy or law you advocate will actually work?

    I look forward to your response and will share it with my friends, neighbors and co-workers, all of whom are sending their kids to public schools and support them VERY strongly!

    • LEV August 13, 2012

      Jim, thanks for your questions.

      The League of Education Voters does not have a litmus test of issues a candidate must support in order to garner our endorsement. As an organization that works on issues ranging from early learning through post-secondary options as well as funding it would be nearly impossible to find a candidate that agreed with LEV’s stance on all issues. Instead we look for candidates who meet a range of other criteria including: a commitment to closing the growing achievement/opportunity gap; legislators with influence, vision and proven ability to get things done; ties to their local educational communities; a dedication to continuing to move the ball forward for education. Candidates complete a questionnaire, participate in an interview, and are voted on by our C4 Board based on the above criteria before they are endorsed.

      LEV advocates for an educational system in which every child, regardless of race, income level, or physical location receives an education that adequately prepares them from early learning through post-secondary to be ready for career and life. LEV has an entire policy department which researches and reviews all issues that move forward on our organization’s agenda to measure an issue’s ability to improve the education system for Washington’s students. There are no silver bullets to fix what is broken but we believe with bold steps it can be done. Some of these changes include:

      - Raising our standards and expectations for kids, teachers and administrators.
      - Making kindergarten the next step, not the first step. Educational opportunities begin at birth.
      - Preparing kids so they have the opportunity to go to college.
      - Adequately funding our schools even in a recession.
      - Accountability to know that the system is working. This includes having a data system and proper evaluation of students, teachers and administrators.
      - Providing teachers with the support and resources they need to make their students succeed – and the coaching and mentors they need to be more effective.

      For an in depth view of the issues we work on please visit our website and click on the “What do we believe” tab. Education affects us all and LEV works to do what we see as best for the kids in the classroom and we look to work with adults who put kids first as well.

  3. Laura Sachs August 11, 2012

    Why isn’t Christine Rolfes included? She is a great advocate for education.

    • Judy Arbogast August 14, 2012

      Christine Rolfes is a staunch supporter of PUBLIC education, not charters.


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