Testimony at Joint Task Force on Education Funding brings calls for new revenue sources

In the first meeting of the Joint Task Force on Education Funding last week, legislators talked about the importance of the task ahead of them and heard recommendations from stakeholders on the direction of education funding. The joint task force is charged with making recommendations for fully funding basic education programs. It was created in response to the McCleary state Supreme Court ruling last year that found that Washington was falling short of its requirement to pay for what the constitution considers the state’s “paramount duty.”

Of particular note during the meeting was Ben Rarick’s testimony. The Executive Director of the State Board of Education laid out his view clearly, stating: “I’m concerned about a system that relies primarily on sales taxes to generate revenue for education. In good times, when people are spending and the money is rolling in, we’re able to do the things we need to do. But when there’s a recession, how do we tell a second-grader he was born a year too early or too late to get as good an education as someone else?”

Watch his full testimony below:

Watch the whole meeting on TVW.

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