New tool for understanding K-12 policy

A new database called the ERIN (Education Resource Information Navigator) Project gives users access to analyze data and information regarding important educational topics.

Users can take the tool to delve deeply into a wide variety of education issues. Actions include the ability to search for or select a topic; read an overview; see the funders, the policy, the research and organizations associated with the topic; and technological resources for topics. For example, selecting Curriculum and Programs, shows users that Georgia passed a pre-kindergarten law and that that the Bill & Melinda Gates are one of the top funders when it comes to that topic. It also allows users to read a study by the National Reading Panel on phonological awareness skills, get to know the Virginia based Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), and learn about D2SC, a software program for schools and school districts.

There are 13 total topics which include: Charter Schools, School Choice, School Funding, Curriculum & Programs, Instruction, Technology in Schools, Assessment, Student & Parent Options, Superintendents & Principals, Teachers, Governance, Data, Running Effective Schools

Check out the ERIN Project site for more information.


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