Add your voice to the YES on 1240 Campaign, the Washington Public Charter Schools Initiative

As you may have heard, a broad and growing statewide coalition including LEV have come together to support a YES vote on I-1240 the Washington Public Charter Schools Initiative, on the November statewide ballot.

One of the most important ways you can help the YES on 1240 Campaign is to add your name to the growing list of parents, teachers, education advocates and community leaders across the state who endorse a YES vote on 1240.

sign up today and help us meet our goal of adding 200 new members to our coalition this month!

Signing up as a member of the YES on 1240 Coalition is free and there’s no obligation to contribute time or money. It only takes a minute and costs you nothing, but it can do a lot to help our campaign to pass I-1240 and finally allow Washington families the option of public charter schools — just like families in 41 other states already have.

Please visit and join our coalition today.

Charter schools are independently managed public schools that are authorized and overseen by a state charter school commission or local school board and managed by approved non-profit organizations.  Initiative 1240 will allow up to 40 public charter schools in Washington state over a five-year period and hold them accountable for improving student outcomes. These schools will provide an option for parents of students who are not currently succeeding in our traditional public schools that is not currently allowed in Washington–a choice in education that makes help available to students who need it the most.

Initiative 1240 is supported by a bipartisan coalition of education advocates, teachers, parents, community leaders, and organizations across our state, and support is growing every day. Add your voice to support YES on 1240 by joining our coalition today!

Learn more about the initiative, pledge your support for the campaign, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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