The Daily Ed: August 21, 2012

6 Seattle schools have become whiter as new assignment plan changes racial balance (Seattle Times)
Seattle’s new school assignment plan has caused demographics to shift in schools as more students attend neighborhood schools. The story comes with an interactive tool to explore the raw data of Seattle schools’ demographic changes.

Editorial: Hunter plan moves education funding in the right direction (Seattle Times)
As legislators discuss how to meet the requirements of the decision in the McCleary case, the Seattle Times Editorial Board praises Rep. Ross Hunter’s “levy swap” idea for being nuanced and effective though it has “many moving parts.”

“Unwisely and Unrealistically” (Publicola)
Publicola has the scoop on who is talking about Rep. Hunter’s new plan, and what they’re saying.

Road Map Project unveils new website
The Road Map Project, a community-wide effort to improve education in South Seattle and South King County, has unveiled its new website,

State audit slams Steilacoom School District for lack of financial oversight (Tacoma News Tribune)
Lax financial oversight in the Steilacoom School District led to inadequately documented funds and means the district will have to pay back nearly $80,000 in federal special education funding.

Back to school: Big changes for students and their campuses (Yakima Herald)
Schools across the Yakima district are undergoing construction as students get ready to go back to school.

Obama shifts to Ryan education plan (Boston Globe)
On the campaign trail, President Obama criticizes Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s record on higher education access.

Education aid emerging as major campaign issue (Education Week)
Ed Week takes an in-depth look at Paul Ryan’s record on education issues, particularly on the role of the federal government in providing aid to college students.

Tuesday Bonus: Games We Play
The floor is made of lava!

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