Students explain their ideas for the Classroom of the Future- Video

Over at the League of Education Voters, we had the great privilege to partner with Seattle Center to ask Washington students about their ideas for the future, specifically for the classroom. Ideas ranged from robots to hybrid classroom pets.

At the opening ceremony, Seattle Center conducted a few short interviews with some of the and students, parents, and instructors involved with the exhibition. A Gifted Education teacher whose students work is on display had this to say about The Classroom of the Future Exhibition: “This is what education should be about. Once we’ve taught our children the basic skills. It’s an opportunity for them to apply their skills in an imaginative, real world way.”

The students also explained their ideas in more detail, discussing smells, placement and quantity of certain tools and technology, as well as their inspiration.

Check out the video here. The Classroom of the Future Exhibition is on display until August 25th at the Intiman Playhouse Lobby.

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