Arne Duncan addresses teachers

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently addressed a group of teachers in Baltimore on the Obama administration’s education platform.

In the address, Secretary Duncan stated some of the Obama administration’s accomplishments. “President Obama spent $60 billion to keep teachers in the classroom,” he said. “That’s why he’s calling for another $25 billion right now to protect teaching jobs.That’s why – year after year – he has protected education from budget cuts – and that’s why he has pushed a bold agenda for change.”

He also addressed some of the challenges that U.S. face when it comes to education. “The fact is that today 25 percent of our kids don’t even graduate from high school,” he said. “About half of all students who go to community college need remedial education. And over 90 million adults in America have limited literacy skills. Our families, our communities, and our country deserve better. And we won’t change those numbers without high standards and high expectations.”

The secretary ended his address with inspirational stories from teachers across the country, including one about Shira Fishman from Washington D.C. who took a pay major cut when she went from a job as an engineer to one as a teacher and believes strongly in accountability and teacher evaluations. “Teachers who are struggling need to be helped. The ones that are continuously ineffective need to find a different career because it’s not good for the kids. Those that are good need to be acknowledged and used by the school to help everyone get better.”

Read Secretary Duncan’s address here.

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