The Daily Ed: August 31, 2012

Polarizing issues at third annual Ethnic Media Candidates Meet and Greet
Ballot issues such as Referendum 74 and Initiative 1240 were debated at the Sea Beez’ Candidates Meet and Greet. The pro charter-side was represented by LEV’s own Rosalund Jenkins and LEV founder Lisa MacFarlane.

Washington State Will Vote on Charters – for the Fourth Time (Education News)
Writing for Education News, Julia Lawrence says that the charter school debate is an emotional one.

Kittitas County schools improve test scores (Daily Record News)
A breakdown of test results for schools in the Cle Elum and Ellensburg school districts.

Back to School: Ready, Set, Go!
A Kindergarten teacher offers some advice for back to school.

U.S. high schoolers get another F in financial literacy, new study shows (The Oregonian)
“Researchers at the University of Nebraska say that nearly 6,700 U.S. high school students last year scored on average 52 percent on a standardized personal finance test. That’s “an F letter grade for most high school grading scales,” the authors wrote.”

400,000 students face disruption after Chicago teachers vote to strike (MSNBC)
The Chicago teacher’s union has voted to strike.

Harvard: 125 students may have cheated on exam (Boston Globe)
125 students may have shared answers on a take home exam.

A three day weekend means two bonuses!
Bonus #1: An Open Letter to Students Returning to School
“Let’s be less stupid together.”

Bonus #2: “Cold East” – Written By A Kid Ep 5 by Efehan Elbi
“A very wise young boy named Ryan tells the story of Cold East, a little town in a refrigerator with a noble pickle jar Sheriff and a foul-mouthed Tomato.”

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