Comparing President Obama and Governor Romney's education plans

On the NPR segment Tell me More, host Michele Martin interviewed Education Week writer Alyson Klein about the two presidential candidates’ education platforms.

The interview kicked off with Martin asking Klein how she and those in the education policy field feel about the amount of attention that education was getting (or not getting) at the two conventions. Klein responded that in the case of both the DNC and RNC, education has been a side issue to the economy.

Martin then asked Klein to compare Obama and Romney’s education stances. Klein said that Romney’s plan asks for a “robust” role for private school choice. If elected, Romney would give federal dollars directly to parents to use at public or private schools. Klein confirmed that the Obama administration has spent a record amount of education, in spite of the recession. The administration has spent $100 billion on education in the stimulus plan and has awarded grants in several different Race to the Top competitions.

Klein said that both candidates are “big fans of charter schools” and both want teacher evaluations revamped.

Listen to the full interview here.

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