The Daily Ed: September 7, 2012

Major Education Group Withholds Endorsement in Governor’s Race (Publicola)
Josh Feit reports on LEV’s decision to not endorse a candidate for governor.

League mum on governor’s race (The Spokesman Review)
The Associated Press also reports on LEV’s endorsement decision.

Wash. lawmakers moving slowly toward education lawsuit deadline (Tacoma News Tribune)
“Washington lawmakers plan to argue right up until a Sept. 17 deadline about what they should tell the Supreme Court about how they’ll fix the way the state pays for K-12 education.”

Let’s try 2 education approaches to see which 1 works better (The Olympian)
Writing an opinion piece for The Olympian, political science and history professor Peter Rex argues that we should try multiple approaches to improve education in our state.

State schools chief critical of charter school measure (Everett Herald)
Randy Dorn is skeptical of the Initiative 1240.

Toppenish high principal wins national award (Seattle Times)
Principal Trevor Greene of Toppenish High School has been named national principal of the year.

Shawn Vestal: Hollow ring to education funding talk (Spokesman Review)
Shawn Vestal has this to say about Washington’s lip service to education funding: “But in this arena, as in all others, we do not reveal our priorities by what we say. We reveal them by what we do. We pay allegiance to our true priorities by paying for them; you can tell a fake priority by the vigor with which we try to spend less on it. “

Friday Bonus: Honey Boo Boo Style (Honey Boo Boo vs Gangnam Style)
Combining two of America’s current obsessions for your viewing pleasure.

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