The Daily Ed: September 10, 2012

Voters may make it tougher for Legislature to raise taxes–again (Seattle Times)
I-1185 is the fifth initiative before the voters to ask legislators to only raise taxes with a 2/3rds majority vote.

Editorial: Washington state must embrace a new vision for education (Seattle Times)
The Seattle Times Editorial Board lays out a proposed plan for expanding the discussion of education from K-12 to 3-23. You can tell them your opinion of their ideas here.

Opinion: Education challenge for the next 50 years is the achievement gap (Seattle Times)
Powerful Schools Executive Director Tre’ Maxie argues that the effects of not closing the achievement gap over the next 50 years will be devastating and offers his suggestions for how to close the gap.

Editorial: Board should focus on policy, not TFA decisions (Seattle Times)
“Questions about TFA’s value to Seattle students are wholly appropriate. Indeed, the board should periodically review all district efforts. But invest that energy and time in a broader review, rather than second-guessing personnel decisions already vetted by the district’s human resources staff and school-based hiring teams. Board members had no credible role dismissing their work.”

Opinion: State must restore funding to higher education (Seattle Times)
UW student leaders Adam Sherman and Evan Smith make the case for funding higher education programs that give more of Washington’s students access to public universities like their own.

Chicago teachers strike for first time in 25 years (Seattle PI)
Tensions in Chicago between the teachers union and city administration resulted in a strike this week as thousands of teachers walked off the job over a dispute about the proposed contract. The administration pushed the contract to include standardized test scores as part of teachers’ evaluations; the union says the test scores weighted too heavily.

Washougal schools, teachers agree on 3-year contract (The Columbian)
Teachers in Washougal schools agreed to some changes in pay and professional development in their new three-year contract.

State to rate schools using new test method (Tacoma News Tribune)
The News Tribune explains the differences between Adequate Yearly Progress (a requirement of the No Child Left Behind Act) and Annual Measurable Objectives (the new requirement with the waiver from NCLB).

Tri-City schools keep growing, officials say (Tri-City Herald)
Schools in Kennewick, Pasco and the Tri-City area are tallying students for the year and finding increases of up to 2 percent in their student bodies.

Studies show more students cheating, with high achievers no exception (New York Times)
Students are cheating more at all levels, which researchers suggest may be attributed to higher pressure on students, lack of clarity on what cheating is and how students view ownership and authorship in the internet age.

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