The Daily Ed: September 19, 2012

Davis students, supporters plead for performing arts (Yakima Herald)
Budget overruns on the Davis High School remodel are leading the district to need to consider where cuts can come from. Students and community members voiced their support for the performing arts program, hoping that it will not be a victim of the overruns.

Emanuel: Deal is ‘honest compromise’ (Chicago Sun-Times)
Teachers voted to end their strike yesterday afternoon, and both sides appear to be happy with the compromise reached which includes a longer school day, new evaluations, and raises for teachers. Students returned to class today.

Black male H.S. graduation rates lag behind whites (Boston Globe)
“More than half the young black men who graduated high school in 2010 earned their diploma in four years, an improved graduation rate that still lagged behind that of their white counterparts,” according to a report released by the Schott Foundation for Public Education.

Who got stimulus dollars? High-need districts, high-performing states (Education Week)
A new federal report shows that most of the federal stimulus money for education went to states with high-performing students, but that at the district level the majority of the awards when to schools with high poverty populations.

Ensuring basic education access for adults (KUOW)
“In Washington state, 1 in 6 adults doesn’t have the basic reading, writing, or math skills required to get a job, but only about 5 percent of those adults have access to education that would enable them to earn a living wage.”

Meow compilation
The best cats the internet has to offer in under four minutes.

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