The Daily Ed: September 20, 2012

1st District legislative candidates explain their views (Everett Herald)
The first legislative district candidates (including LEV PAC endorsed Dawn McCravey) make a case for electing them.

State economists see slight improvement in outlook (Seattle Times)
Although Washington’s budget may be in better shape than previous years, the new Governor will still face a shortfall.

Editorial: Seattle School Board should continue work to restore public trust (Seattle Times)
The Seattle Times Editorial Board writes, “The real test for the board will be to avoid getting bogged down in administrative tasks. That’s what the district’s staff is paid to do. The board’s role is to shape and ensure a culture of strong ethics and financial stewardship.”

The quandary about how to pay for school improvements (Crosscut)
Crosscut gives a breakdown on what the McCleary ruling means for education funding.

New Superintendent Carla Santorno wants Tacoma Public Schools to earn ‘innovation’ label (Tacoma News Tribune)
New Tacoma Superintendent Carla Santorno has a plan to make the Tacoma school district truly innnovative, going beyond what she says is “rhetoric.”

In Our View: Arguments Over Reform (The Columbian)
The Editorial Board for The Columbian writes, “Here in Washington, we’ve made legislative progress on education reform, especially in the area of teacher evaluations. Stop and think, for a moment, who might resist the idea of holding teachers more accountable. It’s not the good teachers; they welcome such scrutiny. It’s only the not-so-good teachers and, of course, their union leaders.”

Segregation Prominent in Schools, Study Finds (New York Times)
Even though U.S. Census data shows us that America is a multiracial country, a new report shows that Black and Latino students often attend segregated schools.

350,000 students return to class in Chicago (NBC)
Now that the strike is over, Chicago students are returning to the classroom.

Calif. Poised to Spotlight ELLs Stalled in Schools (Education Week)
California’s Education Department may be soon required to report data on long term ELL students.

Study Finds Achievement Differences Tied to Curricular Choices (Education Week)
A study conducted by the University of Missouri found that certain curriculum programs are more effective than others.

Is Online Education Plateauing? (Slate)
Some people are still waiting for true innovation when it comes to online education.

Thursday Bonus: Caine’s Arcade 2: The happiest sequel ever!

The folks behind Caine’s Arcade are at it again, this time with a global challenge.

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