The Daily Ed: September 25, 2012

Time for our top court to face that elephant (Tacoma News Tribune)
Peter Callaghan argues that the Supreme Court should rule against needing a two-thirds majority to raise taxes.

Washington students buck trend on SAT (Seattle Times)
Washington’s high school class of 2012 performed pretty on the SATs. “Washington again had the nation’s highest score in math (528), was tied for second in writing (500) and was third in reading (517) among states with a participation rate of 45 percent or more.”

Op-ed: Band together to improve education in Washington state (Seattle Times)
In an opinion piece for the Seattle Times, Mary Alice Heuschel, the superintendent of the Renton School District, and Kip Herren, the superintendent of the Auburn School District write, “Research highlights the importance of early education, while at the other end of the continuum, the job market is demanding ever-higher rates of postsecondary credentials. The old system was never organized to start early enough with young children, nor has it been re-engineered to deliver enough college-and-career-ready high-school graduates. The rigid notion of when education starts and stops needs to go.”

State college-going: Sinking, not treading water (Tacoma News Tribune)
The News Tribune Editorial Board begins this opinion piece with: “Here’s another pin to stick in the balloon of complacency about Washington’s education system.”

Group sparks learning reform (Spokesman Review)
College Spark Washington, a Seattle based foundation, sponsor grants and programs to prepare low income students for college across the state.

Want to weigh in on Seattle schools’ billion-dollar ask? (KPLU)
Seattle voters will have a chance to discuss the two upcoming levies at public meetings.

Race to Top Winners Push to Fulfill Promises (Education Week)
Winners of the first Race to the Top Challenge are now in the third year and reaching the implementation stage.

Education Nation — starkly different visions from Obama, Romney (MSNBC)
President Obama and Governor Romney offer very different plans for education.

Tuesday Bonus: English Mastiff Refuses to Get Out of Bed
Maybe this dog is a Packer’s fan?

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