The Daily Ed: October 1, 2012

Charter schools provide important public option to help struggling students succeed (Tacoma News Tribune)
Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland writes an op-ed in favor of Initiative 1240.

Education reform: still leaving our kids behind (Seattle Times)
“The coalition that passed No Child Left Behind consisted of strange bedfellows — civil rights groups fed up with educational failure and business groups hoping for more capable workers. The bedfellows intent on overturning high standards are even more unnatural — conservatives opposed to a federal role in just about anything and an educational establishment that has adopted a policy of massive resistance to effective accountability.”

New benchmarks to increase standards, Tacoma Public Schools to monitor large range of academic categories (Tacoma News Tribune)
“With the adoption of a new set of benchmarks, Tacoma Public Schools promises to monitor student academic performance, school safety and other measures from preschool through high school.”

In Our View: Improvement in Education (The Columbian)
The Editorial Board for The Columbian writes in favor of Washington’s new accountability measures, AMOs.

Tacoma schools will put grades, assignments and records online
The Home Access Center (HAC), created by Tacoma Public Schools, will allow students and parents to check grades, attendance, and much more, online.

Fostering Tech Talent in Schools (New York Times)
The New York Times profiles a Microsoft program which encourages engineers to volunteer in the classroom.

Teaching for the Future: Access to AP classes widens (USA Today)
USA Today profiles Woodside High School in Virginia, which has an opt-out Advanced Placement program.

More cheating scandals inevitable, as states can’t ensure test integrity (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Looking at data from across the country, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found many inconsistencies when it comes to curbing cheating on standardized tests.

Affirmative Action Case Up for Airing at High Court (Education Week)
The U.S. Supreme Court will be looking at race-conscious admissions when it takes on Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin.

Monday Bonus: Where Letters Come From
“Z” is a great metaphor for the universe.

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