LEV supports WaKIDS implementation

LEV was pleased to sign in today in support of HB 1369 to support the WaKIDS implementation. WaKIDS is a kindergarten readiness process that helps kids and their families transition into school and ensures that they get a great start in kindergarten. It is a critical part of Washington’s commitment to education and high-quality early learning.

WaKIDS welcomes families to school by having kindergarten teachers meet with them one-on-one to learn about their child. It also includes a whole-child observational assessment in the first seven weeks of school, which helps teachers learn about students’ strengths and challenges. In addition, WaKIDS shares information with early learning providers to help improve the transition into kindergarten for students and families.

HB1369 will allow kindergarten teachers to use up to 5 days at the beginning of the year to meet with families. This will give teachers the time they need to start forming partnerships with kindergarteners and their families.

Learn more about WaKIDS here.

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