Supreme Court ruling: Good for kids

This opinion piece, written by LEV CEO Chris Korsmo and Director of Government Relations Frank Ordway, originally appeared in Crosscut on March 6, 2013.

Finally. A group of Washington leaders have put kids first.

In a 6-3 vote, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that Initiative 1053, which requires a supermajority — two-thirds — vote in the state Legislature to raise revenue or close tax loopholes, is unconstitutional.

The Court ruled that the Washington state Constitution sets the rules for the Legislature and only requires a simple majority to raise revenue or modify tax preferences.

This ruling is a huge win for Washington’s kids and schools.

The League of Education Voters joined forces with the Washington Education Association, parents, taxpayers and lawmakers to challenge the constitutionality of Initiative 1053.

Washington citizens have consistently supported initiatives that would make it difficult to raise taxes — most recently this fall when 67 percent of voters approved Initiative 1185, which re-instated Initiative 1053.

Raising revenue should be difficult, but not impossible.

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