LEV’s 2013 Citizens’ Report Card: Fuel for Change

Today LEV released our 2013 Citizens’ Report Card.

While the report highlights individual school and district bright spots, overall progress has stagnated or reversed.

The biennial report card shows that Washington state is not making progress toward creating excellent schools for all students, earning a C or lower in all data categories analyzed.

The analysis of more than 32 indicators across five categories of data shows that only one category—Early Learning—maintained its progress from previous reports, while four—STEM, Meaningful High School Diploma, Success After Graduation, and Funding & Accountability—all got lower grades than in previous years.

We must use the facts in the 2013 Report Card as fuel for change.

If we are committed to ensuring the best education for every student in our state, we must make investments that reflect our commitment.

Bold, systemic change is not easy, but neglecting the necessary changes means deferring the education our students deserve.

If you want to know more about this year’s Report Card, join us this Friday, March 29, at noon for a virtual tour. RSVP here.

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