You did it! We did it!

It couldn’t be done.

It will never happen.

That is what we were told.

But, we did it.

You.  Yes YOU!

Did it.

We passed a discipline bill in the state of Washington.

It was dead, then revived, then dead again and again and again.

But you emailed, you spoke, you called, you wrote.

You did it.

You know who you are.  You are one of the 150 people that we interviewed 18 months ago about your thoughts on a discipline bill.  You are one of the people who attended a local events that we sponsored around the state.  You are one of the  200 people that are on our discipline Google group.  You are one of 1,900 people who have signed up for email action alerts about discipline.  You are one of the hundreds who emailed, testified, wrote letters, cards, notes.

You are students, parents, teachers, principals, community leaders, lobbyists and legislators.

You did it!  We did it!

Enjoy.  Tell your friends.

And then, let’s figure out what everyone says can’t be done for next year and make a plan.

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