What’s in store for League of Education Voters’ 6th annual activist training? A lot!

Parents and community advocates from all over Washington will come together on January 23rd for an all-day event that will challenge your assumptions on the relationship between education funding and funding equity. We’ll deep-dive on issues like charter schools, special education, parent empowerment, the McCleary case, and others in an effort to prepare us all for the 2016 legislative session.

Whether you’ve attended every year, or this is your first time joining us, we can’t wait to bring you this session’s list of hot topics. In particular, we’ve chosen to highlight two of the most contentious issues in the legislature right now: Funding and Equity. Or is it Equity and Funding? You tell us.

Join us – Access, Equity, and Excellence – Is Funding an Equity Issue?

  • Do charter schools really divert funds from students? Or are those funds going directly to the students who need it most?
  • Where has all the money gone? The legislature approved it, the dollars are flowing, but is it going to the right classrooms?
  • Are policymakers asking the community how to spend additional education dollars?
  • How can you get involved and start to make a difference in your own district?

We’ll answer these questions and more. Register now!

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