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Korsmo’s Weekly Roundup, Week of 2/17-2/21


Greetings! Friday already. Where did the week go? For those of us mid-winter-breaking (No, I won’t go there again) (but if I did, it would be epic) the week went like this: create to-do list, set up playdates, have a near emotional breakdown when you realize that your to-do list is longer than the time allowed—in fact, it’s longer than your lifetime—make corndogs for playdates, hire help for to-do list, look into going to the museum to see the Lego exhibit, realize you don’t have time for Lego exhibit because of aforementioned to-do list, download “Guilt for Dummies,” because your kid is eating half-frozen corndogs and playing video while you’re scrubbing the floor from the “touch-up” paint you spilled and you’re not at the museum looking at Lego configurations that actually resemble something recognizable. And that was Tuesday. Onward! (more…)

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Korsmo’s Weekly Roundup, Week of 2/10-2/14


Happy first weekend AF. After football, of course. If your weekend seems empty or somehow meaningless because of the dearth of large men running into each other, try to focus on the Olympics. Did it bother anyone that this young man’s pants seemed to have kept him off the medal podium? And of course, there’s Valentine’s Day to focus on.

This week is one of those milestone weeks for the legislature. Having been without football for six entire days, we’ve dubbed it “half-time.” Bills must have moved out of committee in order to have a shot at getting to the governor’s desk (or the second half). That made this week something like the two-minute warning where defenses either dropped back into deep-zone coverage or played aggressive man-to-man. In any case, to get the score, you can check out our Bill Tracker, where you’ll find that early learning, career and college ready, equitable access to higher education, and help for homeless kids all made it to the second half.

Even I’m tired of the sports analogies. Now the news…. (more…)

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Korsmo’s Weekly Roundup, Week of 2/3-2/7


Whew, that was close! For twelve whole seconds last Sunday, I was worried the home team might be all hat and no cattle. Thankfully, that concern was quashed and the Orange team was squashed and the northwest is all awash in victory. Now that it’s over, all I can say is Packers in ’14/15!

Hopes and Dreams: Last week, Washington joined 14 states in passing legislation to provide financial support for higher education to undocumented students. The House, having previously passed the “Dream Act,” was joined by Senate colleagues, who passed the “Real Hope Act.” Whatever they call it, I call it progress. And for some legislators, it wasn’t easy. The Senate bill put $5 million into State Need Grants to get the ball rolling. While public institutions wrangle with this issue, folks in the private sector are moving on. Dream US, a $25 million scholarship fund, was launched this Tuesday by former Washington Post CEO Don Graham. (more…)

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