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The Daily Ed: September 11, 2012

Op-ed: We need to get more girls in STEM disciplines (Seattle Times)
Corporate vice president in Microsoft’s Developer Tools business Julia Liuson writes, “As Washington state focuses on getting more students to study STEM disciplines to prepare them for future jobs, we need to pay special attention to getting girls into those fields so we can have a shot at correcting gender imbalance in technology careers.”

How health care reform can help education in Washington state (Crosscut)
Writing for Crosscut, DJ Wilson says that implementation of the Affordable Care Act will allow Washington to put more money toward education.

Candidates share more endorsements ahead of general election (The Columbian)
The Columbian gives a rundown of endorsements for area candidates, including LEV education leaders Rep. Tim Probst and Monica Stonier.

In standoff, latest sign of unions under siege (New York Times)
The New York Times provides some background information on the Chicago teachers strike.

Colorado School Board votes to end talks with union (Education News)
Meanwhile in Colorado, the Douglas County School Board has ended negotiations with with the local teacher’s union.

Californians face rival ballot initiatives that would raise taxes and aid schools
Included on the California ballot this November: Proposition 30 which would increase state sales tax and Proposition 38 which would raise income tax.

Report calls for more teacher training, limiting use of test scores (L.A. Times)
California’s Task Force on Educator Excellence released a study that states: “The state needs to focus on recruiting, educating and retaining teachers if it wants to improve student academic performance.”

Counselors a resource for college-goers, but many find them unapproachable (Education Week)
A new survey finds that high school students are not going to high school counselors, think they’re unhelpful.

No school, no work: Young see toll from recession (Boston Globe)
The The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that the global recession has negatively impacted education access.

Tuesday Bonus: Psy Goes on Ellen to Teach Britney Spears How to Dance ‘Gangnam Style’

Gangam style strikes again!

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The Daily Ed: August 14, 2012

Boys work to fend off ‘ninth grade shock’ (Tacoma News Tribune)
Tacoma’s Male Improvement Program is a summer program that helps prepare boys for their freshman year of high school by teaching them about what to expect in the fall and helping them keep up their academic skills.

Aloha teen and heroic teacher persevere to beat special education label (The Oregonian)
Hanna Plasker is a normal kid with a learning disability. The Oregonian tells her story from struggle to success in school.

Duncan touts Obama’s past ed achievements, future plans (Education News)
As the school year starts, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is using the opportunity to talk up Obama’s education policies.

Paul Ryan’s views and record on higher education (Inside Higher Ed)
Though Vice Presidential candidate has never made strong statements about higher education, his track record on funding gives clues to what his views are on the subject.

Peer-mediation programs possible answer for autistic students in rural communities (Education Week)
A program that empowers autistic students and their peers to support each other in school has been very successful in a rural school in Wisconsin.

Tuesday Bonus Thanks, Textbooks.
It’s the details that make textbooks so wonderful.

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The Daily Ed: August 2, 2012

College costs: comparing apples to apples (Seattle Times)
The Seattle Times Editorial Board applauds the Obama Administration’s efforts to give families more information when it comes to paying for college.

Adults dig math class for kids (Everett Herald)
The Edmonds School District offers free math help for area students over the summer.

Math and science fields battle persistent gender gap (USA Today)
“…Research shows that girls who enjoy — and excel at — math and science in high school are less likely than boys to pursue a college major in those fields.”

Why Early Ed. Is Not a Marquee Issue in 2012 Campaign (Education Week)
According to this article, possible reasons for why we don’t hear much about early education on the campaign trail include the media not raising the issue, the candidates not raising the issue, and those who benefit the most from early learning (kids) can’t vote.

Thursday Bonus: Excited train guy, New York!
You have never been this excited about anything.

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The Daily Ed: June 15, 2012

Washington Education Association objects to ballot title on proposed charter school Initiative 1240 (Tacoma News Tribune)
WEA challenges the language proposed for Initiative 1240 and counters with its own. Get a preview of the proposed changes before this morning’s court hearing in Thurston County.

Startup guru Janis Machala named dean of Bellevue College (Geekwire)
Bellevue College taps the startup consultant and tech entrepreneur to run its programs, and she’s confident she can make a difference.

Free private school education coming to low income kids (KING 5)
A new Catholic school opening in Central Seattle will offer a free, STEM-focused, extended day and year education to 60 students starting this fall.

Opinion: Education is the ‘Great Equalizer’ (Edmonds Beacon)
The president of the Association of Washington Businesses makes the case for a strong education system in Washington, and points out why businesses should, and do, care.

Study: Early spatial learning promotes math competency (Education Week)
A new study from researchers at the University of Chicago found that students with strong spatial skills at the beginning of first grade had much stronger math skills by the end of second grade, suggesting that strengthening spatial skills early can lead to more successful math students.

Education trumps immigration among top-tier issues for Latino voters (Huffington Post)
Eighty-eight percent of Latino voters said improving K-12 education should be a priority to states and local governments.

Opinion: STEM education is the key to U.S.’s economic future (U.S. News)
“Too many students and adults are training for jobs in which labor surpluses exist and demand is low, while high-demand jobs, particularly those in STEM fields, go unfilled.”

Super Sunny Friday Bonus
Conan writes Chicago Blues songs with school kids
Life can be tough, even when you’re in first grade. Sometimes you just have to sing about it.

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