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Chris Korsmo
Chris Korsmo, CEO

As the legislative session winds down, we at the League of Education Voters are gearing up for our Annual Breakfast. If you have not already RSVPed, I invited you to join us on the morning of Tuesday, March 11, for what promises to be an exciting event focused on the importance of high-quality early learning for all Washington students. Read below for a preview of the event and learn more about each of our panelists.

This month, I am pleased to highlight the work of our Activist of the Month, Paulina Zepeda, a high school student in Grandview who became an activist this January when she testified in Olympia.

Please join me and the Excellent Schools Now (ESN) Coalition in signing the ESN petition supporting a college and career ready high school diploma. LEV board member and teacher Hope Teague-Bowling recently wrote an op-ed in support of this important issue.

Thanks for all you do for kids. We couldn't do it without you.
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Chris Korsmo

A Preview of the LEV Annual Breakfast

Clockwise from top left: Meeghan Black, First Lady Trudi Inslee, Dr. Michelle Terry, John Stanton, Keisha Scarlett, and Tim Burgess
Clockwise from top left: Meeghan Black,
First Lady Trudi Inslee, Dr. Michelle Terry,
John Stanton, Keisha Scarlett, and Tim

We hope you will join the League of Education Voters at our annual breakfast on March 11 at the Seattle Sheraton to learn how, through high-quality early learning, we not only change the beginning of the story, we change the WHOLE story.

Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist Meeghan Black will host our event and Washington First Lady Trudi Inslee will moderate a panel of early learning advocates and experts.

Panelists include: Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess, Seattle Children's Hospital pediatrician Dr. Michelle Terry, South Shore PK–8 Principal Keisha Scarlett, and Trilogy International Partners Chair John Stanton.

Read more for an introduction to each of our panelists

LEV's Activist of the Month

Paulina Zepeda (right) and Micaela Razo
Paulina Zepeda (right) with LEV Community
Organizer Micaela Razo

At the League of Education Voters, we recognize all of the hard work that you do toward improving public education across Washington state. We are pleased to announce our Activist of the Month for March: Paulina Zepeda, a student in the Grandview School District.

Read more about Paulina's experience as an advocate and activist. Read more

A College and Career Ready Diploma

A College and Career Ready DiplomaHow would you feel if you graduated from high school with a shiny, new diploma, only to learn that you didn't qualify to get into any public university in Washington? Not because of your grades, not because you failed— simply because even though you completed all of your school's graduation requirements, they're not enough to meet the minimum requirements to apply to college.

Well, right now, that's happening to 60 percent of graduating high school seniors. And among those who find jobs after high school, only 6 in 10 are considered "qualified" by Washington employers. In fact, more than half of all community college students have to take remedial classes to learn basic skills they should have mastered in high school. That's why we're asking our legislators to green-light a new diploma, recommended by the Washington State Board of Education, which better prepares students for both college and career. Sign the petition now for the College and Career Ready Diploma. Our students deserve nothing less. Add your signature to the petition

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March 11, 2014 | LEV Foundation Annual Breakfast, The Sheraton Hotel, Seattle
March 22, 2014 | Finding Your Voice Parent Institute, Spokane Valley, WA


January 9–March 14, 2014 | Webinars on the 2014 legislative session, Online

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