LEV is focused on providing accurate, reliable information that covers kids’ and families’ most basic needs during school closures: school meal services, internet & technology supports, childcare, and distance learning resources. Most information is arranged by school district and will be updated frequently. 


Can’t find the information you need? No info posted yet within your district? The providers below have served thousands across the entire state and may be able to help you:

Click here to access Comcast’s internet services special programs during the pandemic. School districts unable to provide internet have often turned to this resource.
Click here to access ChildCare Aware of Washington, a leading resource that helps connect families to local child care options that are right for them.









School District School Meals Internet & Technology Childcare Distance Learning
Auburn School District Auburn school meal service Auburn technology access & tips Auburn childcare info Auburn's learning resources page
Bellevue School District Bellevue school meal service Bellevue technology & internet help Bellevue info on childcare Bellevue learning resources
Enumclaw School District Enumclaw meal service Enumclaw tech access info (see 4/1 update) or call 360.802.7129 (Helpdesk) or 360.802.7816 (IT teacher) For most recent childcare info see 3/18 letter For most recent distance learning info see 4/1 letter & this supplemental learning page
Federal Way Public Schools Federal Way meal service Federal Way using US mail for those without internet For info on childcare email Federal Way distance learning info
Highline Public Schools Highline meal service Highline device/internet info & supports Highline childcare info Highline distance learning info
Issaquah School District Issaquah meal service Issaquah laptop & internet help here and also here Issaquah childcare info Issaquah online learning info
Kent School District Kent meal service Kent tech access & tips Kent childcare info Kent distance learning resources & recommendations
Lake Washington School District Lake Washington meal service Tech help: contact or 425-936-1322. LW working on printed materials Lake Washington childcare info Lake Washington learning resources
Mercer Island School District Mercer Island meal service Mercer Island tech help survey Mercer Island childcare info (need google login) Mercer Island distance learning
Northshore School District Northshore meal service Northshore laptop & internet help request form Northshore childcare info & request form Northshore distance learning schedules as well as at-home learning resources and tips.
Renton School District Renton meal service You can request a chromebook here & learn more here Visit Renton student supports site & click on childcare Renton distance learning guides (visit your school's specific website for your learning resources)
Riverview School District Riverview meal service Riverview IT help page Riverview childcare info Riverview learning resources
Seattle Public Schools Seattle meal service Seattle tech help page Seattle childcare info Seattle distance learning page
Shoreline School District Shoreline meal service Shoreline laptop & hotspot request form Shoreline childcare info Shoreline has prepared an overview of home learningonline resources; and a request form for paper packets
Skykomish School District Skykomish meal info (4/6 update) Skykomish tech access info (4/6 update) (limited ability to expand access) no info posted Skykomish distance learning plan; some suggested resources & daily home schedule
Snoqualmie Valley School District Snoqualmie meal service Snoqualmie tech support Snoqualmie childcare info Snoqualmie learning resources
Tahoma School District Tahoma meal service Tahoma tech help Tahoma providing childcare per state guidance; email Radie Haytack at to register or for more info Tahoma learning connections site & more to come directly from teachers
Tukwila School District Tukwila meal service Tukwila tech request form Tukwila childcare info Tukwila superintendent memo about distance learning (teachers will reach out to students via email and google classroom)
Vashon Island School District Vashon meal service no info posted yet Working with Vashon Kids to provide childcare for certain essential personnel; more info to come Vashon learning resources


School District School Meals Internet & Technology Child Care Distance Learning
Tacoma Public Schools Tacoma meal service Tacoma laptop and internet survey no info posted Tacoma learning resources & distance learning guide
Bethel School District Bethel meal service & general resources page no info posted yet Email for info Bethel distance learning updates
Carbonado School District Carbonado nutritional services (contact) Carbonado is referring parents to this extensive NE Pierce County resource guide for tech help See the NE Pierce County resource guide for childcare info Carbonado has provided some online program recommendations & you can find some learning resources in the guide
Clover Park School District Clover Park meal service these learning packets are available online and for pickup at schools & along meal delivery routes on Wednesdays Clover Park childcare info Clover Park learning resources
Dieringer School District Dieringer meal service Laptop pickup coordinated through email to parents & support contact Dieringer childcare info & registration form for essential workers no info posted yet but there are some recommended digital learning tools
Eatonville School District Eatonville meal info & other meal resources Some Eatonville tech info (laptops being distributed) Eatonville child care contact here Eatonville online learning happening mostly through google classroom & email; there are also some recommended online learning tools & a place to submit questions/concerns
Fife Public Schools Fife meal service Fife tech needs survey & some unplugged learning resources no info posted yet Fife continual learning plan & resources website
Franklin Pierce Schools Franklin Pierce meal service F-P tech help info F-P childcare info F-P learning resources
Orting School District Orting meal service no info posted yet; working on packet pick-up Orting childcare info Orting schools each have a resources page: OPS; PTR; OMS; OHS
Steilacoom Historical School District Steilacoom Historical meal service Steilacoom device request form Childcare services currently at capacity (see FAQs) See some Steilacoom learning resources & check email for plans from teachers
Sumner-Bonney Lake School District S-BL meal service S-BL tech support S-BL childcare info (at capacity) S-BL learning resources
Puyallup School District Puyallup meal service Puyallup internet service info (teachers working individually with families without computer access) Puyallup childcare info Puyallup learning resources page & check Schoology updates from teachers
White River School District White River meal service White River technology info White River emergency childcare info White River distance learning plan; additional educational resources; teachers will communicate with students online
University Place School District University Place meal service no info posted University Place community childcare resources info University Place distance academic support page; teachers using Google Classroom for instruction
Peninsula School District Peninsula meal service Peninsula hotspot info For Peninsula emergency childcare contact (253) 530-1038 or email Peninsula home learning resources


School District School Meals Internet & Technology Child Care Distance Learning
Bainbridge Island School District Bainbridge meal service Bainbridge comprehensive tech support no info posted yet Bainbridge at-home learning resources