LEV is focused on providing accurate, reliable information about the impacts of COVID-19 on Washington’s public school system. Below, we are collecting and tracking information about districts’ reopening plans and will be making updates over the fall.

School District Reopening Plans
Brewster School District Brewster reopening planning updates; check FB page for more updates
Bridgeport School District no info posted but parent survey in progress
Cascade School District Cascade reopening planning web page (planning in progress)
Cashmere School District Cashmere reopening update (planning in progress)
Coulee-Hartline/Almira School District no info posted yet but planning in progress (check Twitter for updates)
Eastmont School District Eastmont reopening update center & current roadmap plan (planning in progress)
Entiat School District Entiat reopening update (pursuing all-remote model)
Ephrata School District Ephrata reopening info page & current update (planning in progress)
Grand Coulee Dam School District Grand Coulee reopening update from superintendent (planning & surveys in progress)
Lake Chelan School District Lake Chelan return to learn updates (anticipating all-online model; final planning in progress)
Mansfield School District no info posted but survey & planning in progress
Manson School District Manson reopening update from superintendent (planning in progress)
Methow Valley School District Methow reopening updates & planning timeline (planning in progress)
Moses Lake School District Moses Lake reopening planning (pursuing hybrid/multiple learning models)
Nespelem School District Nespelem superintendent message about reopening (see "Letter to Parents/Guardians"; pursuing all-remote model)
Okanogan School District Okanogan reopening update from superintendent (likely pursuing all remote option)
Omak School District Omak reopening update (pursuing all-remote model)
Orondo School District Orondo reopening announcement (pursuing all-remote model)
Oroville School District Oroville draft reopening outline (planning in progress); check FB for ongoing updates
Palisades School District no info posted
Pateros School District Pateros reopening update from superintendent (pursuing all-remote model)
Quincy School District Quincy reopening update (pursuing all-remote model) & informational web page
Soap Lake School District Soap Lake reopening update from superintendent (see Fall Opening Letter; planning in progress)
Stehekin School District no info posted
Tonasket School District Tonasket reopening update from superintendent (pursuing all-remote model)
Warden School District Warden reopening info (planning in progress)
Waterville School District Waterville reopening update from superintendent (beginning in a distance model)
Wenatchee Public Schools Wenatchee reopening plan & informational web page (pursuing a remote model)
Wilson Creek School District Some Wilson Creek reopening info (see superintendent video; planning in progress)