LEV is focused on providing accurate, reliable information that covers kids’ and families’ most basic needs during school closures: school meal services, internet & technology supports, childcare, and distance learning resources. Most information is arranged by school district and will be updated frequently. 

Can’t find the information you need? No info posted yet within your district? The providers below have served thousands across the entire state and may be able to help you:

Click here to access Comcast’s internet services special programs during the pandemic. School districts unable to provide internet have often turned to this resource.
Click here to access ChildCare Aware of Washington, a leading resource that helps connect families to local child care options that are right for them.








School District School Meals Internet & Technology Childcare Distance Learning
Arlington School District Arlington meal service Arlington tech support Arlington childcare info Arlington learning resources
Bellingham School District Bellingham meal info Bellingham tech help survey Bellingham childcare info Bellingham learning resources
Blaine School District Blaine meal info & nutrition page no info posted yet Blaine childcare info Blaine learning resources
Burlington-Edison School District B-E meal info B-E has some info on tech support on their Learning Options site B-E childcare info B-E Learning Options resources site
Concrete School District Concrete meal delivery schedule Concrete chromebook checkout form no info posted yet Concrete learning resources
Conway Public Schools Conway food service request form & local food bank info Conway laptop request form & internet help info Conway childcare info for health workers & pharmacy/grocery workers only Conway distance learning plan update (classes mostly done through google classroom)
Coupeville School District Coupeville meal service info & delivery schedule no info posted yet no info posted yet no info posted yet
Darrington School District Darrington is partnering with Meals on Wheels; check district site for regular updates no info posted yet no info posted yet Darrington is making some learning resource recommendations on their site
Edmonds School District Edmonds meal info Edmonds tech help Edmonds childcare info Edmonds learning resources site
Everett School District Everett meal service info Everett family tech support & FAQs about access See the Everett FAQ page for info on childcare Everett learning engagement page
Ferndale School District Ferndale meal info Ferndale Family and Community Coordinators are working on access needs (see FAQs) Ferndale childcare survey Ferndale learning resources
Granite Falls School District Granite Falls meal info Granite falls tech support Granite falls childcare info Granite falls learning resources
Index School District Index's superintendent updates have some meal info no info posted yet Index childcare resource Some Index teachers are providing at-home learning resources under the "teachers' tab on the district website
LaConnor School District LaConner meal info is on the district's home page & delivery sign-up form is located here LaConner tech needs survey Per this superintendent update childcare info is TBA; reach out to your school to get supported LaConner learning resources info
Lake Stevens School District LS meal info LS tech info & tips; contact for help suggested community childcare LS distance learning plan & learning resources page
Lakewood School District Lakewood meal info Lakewood tech needs contact: Jeanette Hamilton at 360-631-2556 or Lakewood childcare info Lakewood distance learning site (navigate using left tabs)
Lopez School District Lopez meal info Lopez tech needs help & info Lopez preliminary childcare update (more info to come) Lopez distance learning plan (check email for communications from teachers)
Lummi Tribal Agency Lummi meal info Lummi limited tech info no info posted yet Lummi distance learning plan overview
Lynden School District Lynden meal info no info posted yet but visit the Lynden tech support page Lynden childcare info Lynden distance learning update (click on Teaching & Learning Update)
Marysville School District Marysville meal delivery locations Marysville tech info (distributed chromebooks already) no info posted yet Marysville distance learning info (includes links to resources general updates from leadership and more)
Meridian School District Meridian meal delivery plan no info posted yet Meridian is directing people to outside childcare resources Meridian distance learning overview (learning packets via Skyward & mail); check the site updates
Monroe School District Monroe meal info Monroe tech help info Monroe childcare info Monroe distance learning info & distance learning resources
Mount Baker School District MB meal info MB tech help contact MB is referring childcare help to WA State's Family Call Center at 1-800-446-1114 MB distance learning update & resources for Elementary and Junior High and High School
Mount Vernon School District MV meal info no info posted but see the tech support page MV childcare info MV updates on distance learning plans & resources site
Mukilteo School District Mukilteo meal info Mukilteo tech support info Mukilteo childcare info Mukilteo distance learning plan info & learning resources page
Nooksack School District Nooksack meal info no info posted yet but Nooksack completed tech-needs surveys over the phone Nooksack childcare info no info posted yet but teachers are communicating with families for distance learning
Oak Harbor School District Oak Harbor meal info Oak Harbor tech help info Oak Harbor childcare info Oak Harbor distance learning info ; superintendent update; additional educational materials
Orcas Island School District Orcas Island meal info no info posted but district is working on meeting tech needs no info posted yet Orcas Island distance learning updates & principles (no specifics posted yet)
San Juan Island School District San Juan meal info San Juan tech help info (SJ providing laptops & internet service to students) no info posted yet San Juan Island has begun teleschool but no specifics posted; see superintendent updates for more info
Sedro-Woolley School District S-W meal info S-W tech info & tech needs survey S-W child care info S-W distance learning update; at-home learning resources
Shaw Island School District no info posted yet no info posted yet no info posted yet no info posted yet
Snohomish School District Snohomish meal info Snohomish tech info Snohomish child care info Snohomish distance learning info & materials/tips
South Whidbey School District SW meal info & request form no info posted yet SW distance learning info & continuous learning resource page
Stanwood-Camano School District S-C meal info no info posted yet S-C childcare info & registration with the YMCA S-C distance learning updates/info & online resources (each school's resources linked)
Sultan School District Sultan meal info Sultan tech info & support Sultan child care info (not currently offering) Sultan distance learning framework & resources